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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
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To make greater in size. To unfold or spread out.
Expandable Paver
Paving machine, which is expanded by extension tubes or extendable screeds to up to 20 feet wide to pave more area in one pass.
Expanded Metal
Sheet metal with holes making up a large amount of the material.
Expanded Shale and Clay
Expansion in shale and clay occurs when they are heated to a softening point to produce internal gasses, causing that expansion.
Expanded Slag Aggregate
Blast furnace slag, which is used as an aggregate after being treated with water.
Expanding Mandrel
Lathe mandrel that has lengthwise slots and a spring steel sleeve. To use this, the smaller end of the mandrel is pressed into place in the hole with an arbor press. To expand the sleeve tightly against the inside of the hole, a tapered pin is put inside the sleeve.
Expansible House
House designed to be easily expanded, such as a basement, which may be finished, or an attic that can be expanded into more bedrooms.
Expansion Bit
Also called an expansive bit, this drill bit has a cutter head mounted at right angles to the shank of the bit that is moveable in relation to the shank and to change the diameter of the hole that is being bored.
Expansion Bolt
Bolt and expandable sleeve which is used to fasten masonry by inserting the unit into a drilled hole in the masonry and then tightening it which causes a wedge which expands the sleeve into the hole for a snug fit.
Expansion Joint
  1. Strips of rubber or flexible material used to separate units of concrete. Because the strips are compressed, they give the concrete room to expand with temperature changes, thus preventing cracking.
  2. A flexible piece of metal used between gypsum wallboard panels to prevent buckling when temperature changes cause the panels to expand.
Expansion Tank
Closed tank, which contains both water and air, which provides space for the water to expand, therefore, compressing the air in the tank.
Expansion Valve
A thermostatically controlled valve, which controls the liquid refrigerant as it passes through, and cooling it to the temperature in the evaporator. The diaphragm, which seals the tube to the chamber on the expansion valve, is attached on the valve stem, which is pushed toward closed by a spring. When the temperature of the line rises, the refrigerant in the bulb, tube and upper chamber allows the spring to open the expansion valve. More refrigerant is allowed into the evaporator once the expansion valve is opened. This valve works in response to the cooling load demand on the evaporator.
Expansive Bit
Also called an expansion bit, this drill bit has a cutter head mounted at right angles to the shank of the bit that is moveable in relation to the shank and to change the diameter of the hole, which is being bored.
To speed up or make easy a certain process. Hasten. Fascilitate.
Spending or using up of money, time, etc.
Money paid out. Financial cost or charge. Costs incurred in the process of running a business.
Expense Ratio
A comparison of operating expenses to potential gross income. This ratio can be compared over time and with that of other properties to determine the relative operating efficiency of the property considered.
Tending to burst forth noisily. Substance, such as gunpowder or dynamite, that can explode. Material that creates an almost instant pressure rise.
Explosive Bolts
Explosive containing fasteners that can sever a bolted connection by remote control.
Explosively-driven Fastener
Fastener that can be driven into material by the force generated by an explosive cartridge in a nail gun.
Explosive Valve
Explosive actuator within a valve, which can change a valve position from open to closed and open again by triggering remotely.
Exposed Aggregate
Decorative aggregate embedded into a horizontal concrete surface, before it has completely set, which is then washed and stays exposed as part of the finished concrete.
Exposed Joint
Above ground mortar joint on the face of masonry.
Exposed-nail Method of Roll Roofing Installation
The roofing nails are exposed on the bottom edge while the top edge is covered by the overlap of the next roofing course.
Exposed Wiring
Wiring where single insulated wires are spaced apart and mounted on insulators. Alternately, electrical wiring run on a surface or behind removable panels.
  1. Person or business susceptible to loss on an investment, such as a high- risk speculation.
  2. The advertising, whether free or paid, of property that is for sale.
  3. Open to the elements, unhidden from view.
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Stone that is used as filling in masonry.
Express Agreement or Contract
Contract where all parties express their intentions in words, orally or written.

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